Weapon-R (makers of fine keychains and license plate frames) air filter install

The install was pretty straightforward as soon as I started ignoring the crappy directions. Notice the orientation of the AFM, I originally had it rotated 180 degrees. The car ran very rich, I actually lost power. My fuel economy was about 60% worse. When I rotated the AFM around to this position, the mixture leaned out, and I think I've been getting better milage than before the filter replacement. In this picture, you can also see my Suspension Specialties front anti-sway bar (bright red thing) and my Jacobs ignition box.

Cheap Bastard cold air intake

The thought of paying $140 for the KSP Super Fancy headlight cover was making me ill; until I found a random webpage suggesting that removing the flash-to-pass lenses was a good way to get more cold air into an aftermarket intake. Removing them is a simple matter of contorting your arm into the space below the raised headlights, (Make sure to yank the retractor fuse before reaching in) and taking off the 10mm nut on either side. You can then pop them out the front with a little force. Make sure they go straight out, or you can crack the plastic where the studs are molded in. I picked up the screening at Home Depot, its called "Hardware Cloth" for some reason.

Heres how the mod looks from the side. I'm thinking of painting the screens black, they should be even less noticable then.

Heres how the mod looks from the front. The headlights are reflecting the flash in these pictures, so you're seeing a lot more light from them than you usually would. In normal light its hard to see anything through them; if the screens were black I doubt you'd ever notice the headlights.
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