Extra 20 amp fused power circuit under hood

When I installed the second accessory under the hood that needed juice from the battery, things got ugly. Wires everywhere, inline fuses in random locations, it was anarchy. So I headed down to Radio Shack and picked up some crimp-on electrical fittings (the assorted bag has almost everything I needed) and a barrier strip. I would have preferred a larger gauge strip, but oh well.
The strip is actually four terminals long. I jumpered pairs with bus strips, also from radio shack. This gave me enough terminal space for now. Notice I ran negative from both the battery and also the bolt on close side of fuse box.
The twisted pair goes across the front, over to my Jacobs ignition box. The green wire (which really should be red) goes over to the relay for my pair of Hella horns.

The positive side of the circuit is fused through the extra position in the engine compartment fusebox. You can see the heavy gauge red wire coming out of the bottom of the fusebox.
Adding a fuse is easy- Remove the BTN (?) and RETRACTOR fuses. Unscrew the two main nuts at either end of the fusebox, and turn it over. You'll see that the terminals for the drain side of the fuse are in removable blocks. They're held in by little clips, like a connector. Pull out the one on the side we're working on, and look at it. Inside, there's just female spade connectors. To add a new circuit, crimp an uninsulated female spade on some wire, and stuff it in the block from the bottom, until it snaps into place.

When you have the rest of the wiring done and tested with an ohmeter for shorts, pop in a new fuse. If it doesn't blow, you're done! You can see that I got a generic 20A fuse from Kragen. Its the blue one. You now have a safe, clean source of unswitched power for your underhood gadgets.
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