Mazda created RX-7 Convertibles from 1988 to 1991

They came in the RED, BLACK, WHITE and BLUE. - If you see a yellow, green or purple one, it's been repainted.

They sold NEW (the 1991 model) for about $28,000 (US Dollars).

Because they are heavier than the hardtop models, they are a bit slower.

Mazda didn't import ANY RX-7 Turbo Convertibles to North America. What this means is, if you see what looks like a Turbo Convertible, it was either imported by someone who REALLY wanted one, someone got a hold of a Turbo hood and put it on his convertible, or someone actually swapped out a TII engine/drivetrain/wiring harness into his convertible.

The rear window is made of GLASS, not plastic.

There are NO back seats in an RX-7 Convertible.

All RX-7 Convertibles came factory equipped with Leather interior, premium sound system with CD player, alarm and BBS wheels.

RX-7 convertibles DO NOT have:

tilt wheel

anti-lock brakes

massive amounts of cargo space

they are, however VERY fun to drive!!!