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Lowering the Convertible Top

Lowering the top. 1. Set the parking brake and shift the transmission select lever to NEUTRAL.
2. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
3. Lower the side windows.
4. Pull down the sunvisors.
5. Remove all objects on the spare tire cover when lowering the convertible top, otherwise the top or the objects on the spare tire cover could be damaged.
unlock the top. 6. Open both top lock lids. Push the unlock tabs and release top lock levers.
depress the button. 7. Press and hold the OPEN side of the convertible top control switch until the beeping stops. When the convertible top is lowered about one-third of the way, however, lowering action will stop as a safety check. At this time, release the switch and after making sure operation is safe and normal, you may press the switch once again and complete lowering.

Even if you press the convertible top control switch, the convertible top cannot be lowered (or raised) when the parking brake is not set (the warning sound will be heard).

roof panel up. 8. Fold the roof panel forward as described in the following steps:
A. Fold the seatbacks forward to prevent contact with the roof panel.

retract lock levers.
B. Retract both top lock levers to LOCK position, then close the top lock lids.

Never fold the roof panel without retracting both top lock levers to LOCK position and closing the top lock lids, otherwise the inner trim will be damaged.

Press lock button.
C. Slide the hinge lock button (passenger's side only) in the direction of the arrow.
Push and hold the button , then fold the roof panel slowly forward.
Top Boot 9. Cover the convertible top with top boot stored in the trunk. Affix it to the snaps and buttons provided.

Never activate the switch when the top is covered. This will damage both the boot and the convertible top motor.
Never drive with the top partially folded and uncovered.
Press the snaps on as shown to prevent breaking the snaps. Do not press the tops of the snaps.

wind blocker figure 1 10. To minimize air turbulance inside the passenger compartment, and to improve heating capability in cold weather driving, raise the windblocker located hinged at the spare tire cover behind the seats as described below:

A. Lean the seats forward.
B. Lift the windblocker to its rearward position.
wind blocker figure 2
C. Raise the seatbacks to their original positions.
D. Lean the windblocker against the seatbacks.

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