Owner's Manual

The following items are excerpts from my 1991 RX-7 Convertible owner's manual. They are things that pertain exclusively to the convertible models.

I put this stuff in here, because when I was shopping around for a used convertible, most of them did not have the manual, which I found very useful.

Your RX-7 convertible model may differ, depending on the year.


Seat Belt Operation
Air Bag Operation
Trunk Key Security System
Fog Lights
Convertible stereo wiring
Headrest Speakers
Treble, Fader & Mute Controls
Trunk Lamp
Convertible Top Diagram
Lowering the Top
Raising the Top
Removing the Roof Panel
Closing the Roof Panel
If the top cannot be raised using the switch
Spare Tire, Jack & Tools
Care & Maintenance of the Convertible Top