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Closing the Roof Panel

Closing the roof panel
Put up top as before 1. Lower the convertible top following steps 1 thru 5 on the section titled "Lowering the top"
take roof panel out of trunk 2. Install the roof panel as described in the following steps:
a.) Open the trunk and take the roof panel out from its cover
stand in vertical position NOTE
If you sit the panel down temporarily, make sure to stand it only with the top lock lever side facing down, as shown in the illustration.
hinge cover
b.) Push on both center parts of the hinge cover fasteners with they key.
hinge cover fastener
c.) Remove both hinge covers,being careful not to drop the hinge cover fastener.
The fastener is small and made out of plastic. Be careful not to step on it.
Clip down the top
d.) Slant the roof panel dowared slightly and slide it into the hinges until you hear a click, then shake it a little to make sure it is firmly in place.
It is best to use a helper when installing the roof panel.
hinge cover fastener CLOSE 3. Install both hinge covers removed in step #2.

a.) With your finger, push on the part of the hing cover fastener shown in the illustration.

hinge cover fastener ON
b.) Cover both hinges with the hinge covers.

push the fasteners into the hole
c.) Insert both hinge cover fasteners in the hinge cover holes, then push on the center part of the fasteners.

close the top 4. Raise the convertible top following the steps outline in the section entitled "Raising the Top"
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