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Care and Maintenance of the Convertible Top

A special, high quality material is used for the convertible top, but when care of the top is improper or insufficient, hardening, staining and loss of luster may result. The top must be maintained according to the prescribed car and maintenance guidelines.

Washing the convertible top
Do not wait until the top gets very dirty before cleaning it. Dirt that remains too long on the top can cause deterioration.
1. Gently clean the top with a mild soap, plenty of water and a soft brush.
2. Thoroughly rinse the top with clean water to remove all soap.
3. Wipe the top dry before the water dries on it.
4. Allow to dry completely before lowering the top.

Automatic or high pressure car washes are harmful to the convertible top. Avoid using these to wash the vehicle.
Do not direct water from the hose directly to the area where the window glass and the convertible top meet. Water will most likely get into the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Appearance Care
The convertible top may be dressed about once a month after it has been washed and dried well. For best results, use a water-based leather treatment or vinyl top dressing. Several brands of spray-on treatments for vinyl are widely available.

Some brands of leather treatment on the market can ruin the gloss on the top. You should be careful, therefore, to choose a treatment that is appropriate.

Be careful not to let any regular car wax get on the convertible top. If for any reason car wax should get on the top, remove it with leather cleaners.

Too much treatment on your top can be as damaging as too little. Follow direction for the brand of treatment and don't over do it!

Avoid lowering top immediately after using treatment/dressing on top fabric. Instead, allow to dry fully before lowering.

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