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Raising the Convertible Top

Raising the top. 1. Set the parking brake and shift the transmission select lever to NEUTRAL.
unsnap the boot. 2. Undo the snap fasteners, remove the top boot and store it properly in the trunk.
flip down visors. 3. Turn on the ignition switch to the ON position.
4. Lower the side windows.
5. Pull down the sun visors.
wind blocker down. 6. Lower the wind blocker as described below:
a.) Incline the seatbacks.
b.) Lower the wind blocker.
Lift up roof panel. 7. Lift up the roof panel until it clicks into place.

If the seats are in the fully reclined position, the roof panel will contact the seatbacks and not lift up. In this case, either fold the seatbacks or slide the seats forward.

Release top lock levers 8. Open both top lock lids. Push the unlock tabs and release the top lock levers.
Press close button 9. Press and hold the CLOSE side of the convertible top control switch until the beeping stops. When the convertible top is raised about two-thirds of the way, however, raising action will stop as a safety check. At this time, release the switch and after making sure operation is safe and normal, you may press the switch once again to complete raising operation.

Even if you press the convertible top control switch, the convertible top cannot be raised (or lowered) when the parking brake is not set (the warning sound will be heard).

lock levers 10. Retract both top lock levers to LOCK position, then close the top lock lids.

Be careful not to catch your hand in the top lock lever.

From inside the vehicle, make sure the top is securely locked by the top lock levers by pushing up on the top. If the top is locked by the levers, but nevertheless sounds loose (rattles), have it inspected at your nearest Authorized Mazda Dealer.

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