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Removing the Roof Panel

Removing the roof panel. NOTE
The roof panel is better removed by two persons, one on either side of the vehicle.

Lower the top. 1. Lower the convertible top following steps 1 through 7 in the section entitled "Lowering the Convertible Top"
retract lock levers. 2. Remove the roof panel as described below:
a.) Retract both top lock levers to LOCK position, then close the top lock lids.
hinge cover.
b.) Push on the center part of the hinge cover fasteners with the key.
c.) Remove both hinge covers, being careful not to drop the hinge cover fastener.

The fastener is small and made out of plastic.
Be careful not to step on it.
hinge latch
d.) Push both hinge latches (marked in yellow) and release the lock.
remove the roof panel (2 guys)
e.) Slide the hinge lock button (passenger's side only) in the direction of the arrow.
Push and hold the button, then remove the roof panel from the hinge.
storage bag 3. Storing the roof panel:
a.) Put the roof panel inside its cover, and store in the trunk as shown in the illustration.
trunk 2
b.) Secure the roof panel using the trunk room straps.
To lengthen/shorten NOTE
Storing the roof panel will help keep the panel from being thrown about and injuring people during a collision or sudden maneuver, and will help protect the panel.

After putting the roof panel back in place, always check that it is firmly stowed. If it is not secure, and looks like it might rattle around in the trunk when the vehicle is in motion, tighten the belts to secure it properly.

Stand in vertical position NOTE:
If you should sit the panel down temporarily, make sure to stand it only with the top lock lever side facing down as shown in this illustration.
Hinge cover fasteners 4. Install both hinge covers removed in step 2.
a.) With your finger, push on the part of the hinge cover fastener as shown in this illustration.
Hinge cover
b.) Cover both hinges with the hinge covers.
Hinge cover fastener #2
c.) Insert both hinge cover fasteners in the hinge cover holes, then push on the center part of the fasteners.
Press the close button #2 5. Press and hold the CLOSE side of the convertible top control switch until the beeping stops. When the convertible top is raised aout two-thirds of the way, however, raising action will stop as a safety check. At this time, release the switch and after making sure operation is safe and normal, you may press the switch once again.

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