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If the top cannot be raised using the switch

panel knob 1. Slide both seats fully forward. Then turn the panel knobs and lift up the spare tire cover.
screwdriver 2. Insert a Phillips screwdriver into the left and right service holes, and thru it clockwise until it can no longer turn.
raise it by hand 3. Raise the convertible top by hand.
Secure the top 4. Secure the convertible top using the top lock levers, then close the top lock lids.

From inside the vehicle, make sure the top is securely locked by the top lock levers by pushing up on the top.

5. After performing the above, have your vehicle inspected by an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible.

This procedure should be followed only in the event of a malfunction, when the top cannot be raised with the swtich and not at any other time.

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