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Seat Belt Operation

1. Grasp the buckle end and tongue plate.
2. Slowly pull out the lap/shoulder belt.
3. Insert the tongue plate into the open end of the buckle. An audible click will indicate the belt is securely locked.

Position the lap belt across your lap as LOW ON THE HIPS as possible to reduce the risk of sliding under it during an accident. Adjust it to a SNUG FIT by pulling the belt through the tongue plate.

The belt retractor is designed to take up excess webbing automatically and maintain tension on the belt.

If the belt locks when being pulled out, rewind the belt completely in the retractor and then pull out to the desired length.

Never wear the shoulder belt under the arm. Never wind it around your neck and over the inside shoulder.
Use the shoulder belt on the outside shoulder only.
Never use a single belt for more than one person.
Be sure the lap portion of the belt is fitted snugly around the hips, not the waist.
Failure to follow these precautions could increase the chance and/or severity of injury in an accident.

To unfasten the belt, depress the release button.

buckle up!
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